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Seal the Deal is packed with worksheets, templates, personal action plans and homework action steps –– just what anyone who sells services or ideas needs to build or transform a successful business.”

Agnes Mura, MA MCC, Founder of PCMA and Author of Ten Themes
and Variations for Postmodern Leaders and Their Coaches

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Popular Topics

While we can tailor the Seal the Deal message to the needs of your individual group or event, some of our most frequently requested seminars and workshops include:

Coaching & Consulting Your Way to a Six Figure Income
Calling all coaches, trainers, facilitators and consultants! Seal the Deal by learning how to differentiate yourself and your style from the masses, and uncover the secrets to six-figure success along the way.

Professional Service Providers Who Profit
Professional service providers, such as attorneys, CPAs, chiropractors, and financial advisors, have a unique set of challenges and opportunities in an all-too-crowded marketplace. Learn how these competing pros can Seal the Deal for profitable success in all arenas.

Get Promoted: How to Seal the Deal in Your Corporate Career
Entrepreneurs aren’t the only professionals who can utilize the Seal the Deal formula for success. Executives and managers who seek increased visibility and promotion within their organizations can put these success principals to work in the corporate arena as well.

Corporate Leader Entrepreneurs: Seal the Deal for Your Bottom Line
Corporate leaders by the dozen are retiring and putting thirty years of experience to work for themselves by starting consultancies. Learn how to Seal the Deal in your own entrepreneurial endeavor by understanding how to avoid the most common pitfalls which affect many transitioning executives.

These and other speaking topics help our national audiences to:

  • Challenge their current mindsets about business development and learn how to get out of their own way
  • Sell ideas, themselves, and their services by distinguishing between and then integrating networking, marketing and sales (the critical trinity).
  • Learn the road-tested, 10-step, Seal the Deal process which demystifies how people can make money while making a difference.

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